AW: [Orca-users] SE Toolkit 3.4 - segmentation fault

David Michaels dragon at
Mon Mar 27 10:58:10 PST 2006

Stefan.Schuster at wrote:
> Hi David,
> I am using the last snapshot Orca 0.28, but I´ve still the problem. Perhaps there is something special with Solaris 10, Sun Cluster 3.1.....I did some traces (starting orcallator with truss, and I got some errors concerning "kstat". Could there be a problem in

That's a possibility.  I think there are some folks on this list running 
Solaris 10 + a recent orcallator, but I don't think they've hit your 
problem.  Could be specific to Sun Cluster 3.1.

Try running the resultant "se" with the -v option, for verbose output, 
instead of trussing it.  See if that gives you any clues.

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