[Orca-users] perl-Expressions in "data" definition?

Kai 'wusel' Siering wusel+yahoo at uu.org
Fri Mar 31 05:58:43 PST 2006


I'm trying to artificially cap large values (plot_max does not work
for an unknown reason):

plot {
title			%g timing summary (cut at 200 ms)
source			dnsrestime
data			min
data			( max > 200 ? 210 : max )
data			( median>200 ? 210 : median )
data			( avg > 200 ? 210 : avg )
data_type		GAUGE
data_type		GAUGE
data_type		GAUGE
data_type		GAUGE
line_type		line1
line_type		stack
line_type		line1
line_type		line1
legend			min
legend			max
legend			median
legend			average
y_legend		ms
data_min		0
plot_min		0
plot_max		210

Even after purging the corresponding rrd -and the html-directories,
above does *not* generate an error, it *does* generate links in the
HTML index file to e. g. http://my.orca/dnsrestime/dnsrestime_gauge_min,dnsrestime_gauge_(_max_%3E_200_?_210_max_),dnsrestime_gauge_(_median%3E200_?_210_median_),dnsrestime_gauge_(_avg_%3E_200_?_210_avg_)-daily.html
which is *not* being generated ("Not Found The requested URL
/dnsrestime/dnsrestime_gauge_min,dnsrestime_gauge_(_max_>_200_ was not found on this server.").

Is it possible to do more than basic maths ("value / 1024") within
"data" definitions in the orcallator.cfg file? Actually I'm looking
for something in Orca similar to the CDEF-feature in rrdtool itself.

So, should this work? If so, is this problem known (and, hopefully,
solved ;))? Currently this system is running an dated Orca instance:

# $LastChangedRevision: 366 $
# $LastChangedDate: 2004-07-03 23:14:36 -0700 (Sat, 03 Jul 2004) $

Will a newer version fix either the above or at least make "plot_max 210"
work? (Currently, there is *no* capping, a value of 1092 will produce an
unusable graph with one spike at ~1000, rendering all the other values in
the range 20-100 nearly undistinguishable.)


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