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Rajesh Menon rajmen at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 22 23:00:21 PST 2008

Even though I edited the HTML pm to write an shtml file instead of html index file, it overwrites with the default layout. So I setup a cron job to update the index file using the template I needed.

Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2008 02:38:13 -0700From: dragon at raytheon.comTo: rajmen at hotmail.comCC: orca-users at orcaware.comSubject: Re: [Orca-users] Index.html fileOne thing you can consider doing is to edit the html_* lines in your orcallator.cfg to include whatever HTML customizations you need.  If your web server supports it, you can put server-side includes in those html_* properties, so you can maintain the customizations outside the index.html file, but have them show up within it.--DragonRajesh Menon wrote: 

Hello All, Is there a way to stop the orca application from overwriting the index.html file every day? I use a template and included all the links in the default index.html file, but I see that every day the index.html file gets overwritten. Is there a workaround for this without missing the links to up-to-date info? Thanks, Raj

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