[Orca-users] network device aggregation, Solaris, Orca

Hudes, Dana hudesd at hra.nyc.gov
Thu Aug 26 16:48:38 PDT 2010

orcallator can report any kstat, ndd or SNMP mIB
You would also need to modify the orcallator.cfg used by orca so it processes the informatio gathered.

I have to do this for nxge, e1000g and whatever the thing they call a trunked interface. Which will have a higher speed.

I haven't time to get to it for awhile.

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From what I’ve seen on my systems, orca won’t report on either the aggregate or separate interfaces once the aggregate is created.

I suspect that there are changes that can be made to orcallater.cfg, but I haven’t pursued anything and don’t have the bandwidth anyway.

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Subject: [Orca-users] network device aggregation, Solaris, Orca

I'm preparing to aggregate two (maybe three) network ports on a X4500 running Solaris 10 (it's a NetBackup master).  These are e1000g nics.

Do I need to make any changes to orcallator.cfg?

Will orca continue reporting on the individual network interfaces or will it report on the aggregate - aggr1?

Thanks for any insight,

Glen Gunselman
Systems Software Specialist
Emporia State University
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