[Orca-users] orca stops running

Hudes, Dana hudesd at hra.nyc.gov
Tue Jul 27 06:07:57 PDT 2010

Nonglobal zones don't normally have direct device access (ignoring anything added with an "add evvice" lentry ine zone config). That includes kvm. Prtdiag and prtconf and cfgadm don't work in a ngz.

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Subject: Re: [Orca-users] orca stops running

I've tried running it as root as well but I still end up with the same problem, the process stops after a while. The KVM thing I have had on other systems as well but it doesn't stop orca from working. The nohup file doesn't give me any errors either.

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Run orcallator as root for the kvm issue.

Not sure about your coulmn issue but run it as root and see if it goes away.

Also I run start_orcallator nohup. That leaves errors in nohup.out.

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Subject: [Orca-users] orca stops running

HI there

I have had this problem for a while and been working to try and figure it out but to no avail. After running "start_orcallator" I see that a pid file is created and then I wait for it to start creating the other orca files (orcallator-2009-10-22-001 for example). This does not happen though. When I do a ps -ef |grep -i orca:

-bash-3.00$ ps -ef |grep -i orca
    orca 22703 22646   0 11:14:25 pts/4       0:00 grep -i orca
    orca 22684     1   3 11:14:05 pts/4       0:15 /opt/RICHPse/libexec/se.sparcv9 -DWATCH_OS -I/usr/local/lib/SE/3.5.0 /usr/local
    orca 22646 22527   0 11:13:46 pts/4       0:00 -bash
    orca 22702 22646   0 11:14:25 pts/4       0:00 ps -ef

After a minute or so that process does not appear anymore, i.e. it stopped. In trying to see why it stopped I ran the following commands and got the error;

-bash-3.00$ /opt/RICHPse/libexec/se.sparcv9 -DWATCH_OS -I/usr/local/lib/SE/3.5.0 /usr/local/lib/orcallator.se
Warning: Cannot init kvm: Permission denied
/usr/local/lib/orcallator.se: too many columns (2048).  Increase MAX_COLUMNS

How can I correct this in order to finally get orca running on this machine? It's a SPARC machine running Solaris 10.

Kind regards


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