[Orca-users] Orca & HPUX

Donald.Nelson at infineon.com Donald.Nelson at infineon.com
Fri Jul 30 04:28:43 PDT 2010

Hello Everyone,

Has anyone installed the setoolkit 3.5.1 for nxge support? I have and it is working correctly but it is reporting ge interface cards which we don't have and it is also reporting traffic on these cards. This is really strange.

# netstat -i
Name  Mtu  Net/Dest      Address        Ipkts  Ierrs Opkts  Oerrs Collis Queue
lo0   8232 loopback      localhost      3758746668 0     3758746668 0     0      0
nxge0 1500
nxge1 9194
nxge3 1500
nxge6 1500
nxge7 9194
nxge9 1500
nxge11 9194

For everey nxge??, there is a ge?? even though there are no ge cards installed.

Best Regards,
Donald Nelson

From: Dagobert Michelsen [mailto:dam at baltic-online.de]
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To: Nelson Donald (IFAG IT OS EU1 DS2)
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Subject: Re: [Orca-users] Orca & HPUX

Hi Donald,

Am 28.07.2010 um 11:29 schrieb <Donald.Nelson at infineon.com<mailto:Donald.Nelson at infineon.com>> <Donald.Nelson at infineon.com<mailto:Donald.Nelson at infineon.com>>:
I have modified the two scripts; kstat.se and netif.se, and now I get this error message when I run the command below..I am using the SEtoolkit 3.5.0..

#/opt/RICHPse/libexec/se.sparcv9 -DWATCH_OS /usr/local/orca/lib/orcallator.se

Fatal: subscript: 36 out of range for: if_max[35]: Near line 327

You must only increase the count by one from your previous value, not copy the change verbatim. It is the
max index.

Best regards

  -- Dago
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