[Orca-users] Fwd: An SE/orca update of olympian proportions :-)

Donald.Nelson at infineon.com Donald.Nelson at infineon.com
Wed Mar 23 03:59:14 PDT 2011

Hello Everyone,

Is there an orcallator for HP-UX.

Thanks in advance.
Donald Nelson

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Forwarding this, with Adrian's permission, to orca-users regarding the use of Orca and the SE toolkit at an earlier Olympics.


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> Subject: An SE/orca update of olympian proportions :-)
> Hi Rich,
> I was onsite for the first week of the olympics, and SE toolkit was 
> loaded on all 150 or so Sun systems. We used orcallator to collect 
> system level stats and I developed some more workload tools that can 
> feed data into orca as well, as well as a feed into BigBrother 
> (www.bb4.com)
> Everyone was happy, the systems worked fine, I've attached the 
> modified scripts.
> logfile.se is an abstraction from orcallator.se to be put in include 
> so that other tools can do similar logs. The workload class has a 
> small change, the other se scripts are examples, and 
> pwgrab/explode.csh are used to take a workload log and explode it into 
> multiple files for plotting by orca.
> Please take a look at this stuff, and include it in the next builds of 
> SE and Orca.
> Cheers and thanks from the Olympics team, expecially Justin Buhler.
> Adrian

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