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I have used the following batch files to upgrade over 800 repositories this morning.

-- Upgrade.bat -----------------------------------------
@echo off
IF [NOT] %3=="" goto DoIt

echo Upgrade existing Subversion repositories
echo .
echo Command line syntax:
echo Upgrade2 Source_Directory Working_Directory Target_Directory
echo .
echo Source Directory - Where the repositories exist now
echo Working Directory - Where the dump files should be placed
echo Target Directory - Where the newly formatted files will be placed
echo .
echo NOTE: The upgrade_repos.bat file is, by default, using the default arguments for svnadmin create
echo If you want to use anything else, change the file before running.
goto exit

call the actual upgrade batch file

for /D %%I in (*.) do call upgrade_repos.bat %%~nI %1 %2 %3

copy the master files - Files in the SVNParent

xcopy %1\*.* %3\ /y


-- Upgrade_Repos.bat -----------------------------------
echo Migrating %1
echo ...Creating Repository
svnadmin create %4\%1
echo ...Dumping
svnadmin dump -q %2\%1 > %3\%1.dmp
echo ...Loading
svnadmin load -q %4\%1 < %3\%1.dmp
echo ...Copying hooks
xcopy %2\%1\hooks\*.* %4\%1\hooks /y
echo *******************************************************************