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I have used the following batch files to upgrade over 800 repositories this morning.

-- Upgrade.bat -----------------------------------------

@echo off
IF [NOT] %3=="" goto DoIt

echo Upgrade existing Subversion repositories
echo .
echo Command line syntax:
echo Upgrade2 Source_Directory Working_Directory Target_Directory
echo .
echo Source Directory - Where the repositories exist now
echo Working Directory - Where the dump files should be placed
echo Target Directory - Where the newly formatted files will be placed
echo .
echo NOTE: The upgrade_repos.bat file is, by default, using the default arguments for svnadmin create
echo       If you want to use anything else, change the file before running.
goto exit

::call the actual upgrade batch file
for /D %%I in (*.) do call upgrade_repos.bat %%~nI %1 %2 %3

::copy the master files - Files in the SVNParent
xcopy %1\*.* %3\ /y


-- Upgrade_Repos.bat -----------------------------------

echo Migrating %1
echo ...Creating Repository
svnadmin create %4\%1
echo ...Dumping
svnadmin dump -q %2\%1 > %3\%1.dmp
echo ...Loading
svnadmin load -q %4\%1 < %3\%1.dmp
echo ...Copying hooks
xcopy %2\%1\hooks\*.* %4\%1\hooks /y
echo *******************************************************************