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    I hearby cast my 10 votes....all for bots bolts buttons anything elsa that can come undone  We have all our ducks in a row.  Easy picking for old navy comes with pink.  We have 13 months in a year now....each with 28 days four weeks seven days.,with one extra to fool around with.  This page is dedaced to the future., up to and including the year 2063.  <pres. Kenady> is ready for his unvailing. the new world order will be in place. With 24 marschils of the hightest order ...the carderbelt club will of corse be or not to place.        cast your votes ten limmit.    with three exera.  of corse sp counts only in letters of acommaditions.  Wield your power...for power...light for light thounds points of light... hold the moon for a thounds years only one candle power per year. knox once but twice for thoes who belive in aal that this 2063 ...will come.

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