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Modify dump file

Hi Guys, Try imagining the repository structure by the following "svn://localhost/Hardware/Circuits/trunk" "svn://localhost/Hardware/Circuits/tags" "svn://localhost/Hardware/Circuits/branches". While getting the dump of the repo i want the dump to be in such a way that if it is loaded into new repository it should have directories "trunk, tags, and branches" at the root. And i dont want the directories "Circuits" in the new repository. I modified the dump file changing the "Node-path" and "Node-copyfrom-path" but when i tried to load the dump file it says "Checksum error". It was expecting some checksum value for the file but the actual checksum was different. Then i thought of changing content of the dump file before it was written. Below is the script i wrote: $ svnadmin dump C:/\svn_repository/\Hardware | svndumpfilter include /Circuits/ trunk | sed -e "s/Node-path: Circuits\/trunk/Node-path: trunk/g" | sed -e "s/Node-copyfrom-path: Circuits\/trunk/Nod​e-copyfrom-path: trunk/g" > hardwarecircui ts.dmp Even then i was not able to solve the checksum error issue. I would appreciate any help. Hope to hear from you soon. Regards Kranthi