[Orca-dev] too many open files issue

Adrian Bhatt adrian1978b at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 26 07:42:13 PDT 2001

I searched the archives and some some discussion to
having issues of too many open files. Most of those
issues were solved by increase the file descripter
limit from something like 64 to 128 or 256. We started
our file descripter limit at 512. All was working
really well. Last night at the request of certain data
from the business we added some plots detailing some
more information about different file system usage. So
I set up the plots at let orca munge through all the
data, to my dismay I came back an hour later to find
error messages like the ones below. So I did some math
and figured that at 6 servers, the normal plots, as
well as a plot for each file system (40 per box) that
the number of files (html/png/meta) that orca would be
creating was reaching into the thousands. So I
increased the file descripter limit to 1024. Still no
good. Then to 2048. Still no good. Then to 4096. When
it failed at this point I began thinking something is
wrong. I started looking through the code mostly at
HTMLFile.pm then how it was called. I am a little
confused about how you open files then how they get
closed, but that is probally because I only spent
about 20 minutes looking through it. Is it possible
there is some sort of leak that under X condition it
doesn't close some file handle right away? If so were
should I start looking for such a leak?

We have also created some scripts which create data
files for various peices of equipment to feed into
orca. Is there a place to publish such scripts or
should I publish them on my site and send a link to
the user list? Just wondering how to give back to the

Thanks again for any help. It would be greatly


/opt/orca/bin/orca: warning: cannot create
Orca::HTMLFile object: cannot open
for writing: Too many open files.

/opt/orca/bin/orca: warning: cannot create
Orca::HTMLFile object: cannot open
for writing: Too many open files.

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