[Orca-dev] Re[2]: RE[2]: Digest 336

Rusty Carruth rcarruth at tempe.tt.slb.com
Fri Oct 12 08:40:42 PDT 2001

Blair Zajac <blair at orcaware.com> wrote:
> Rusty,
> Can you try the attached orcallator.se plot section for this so we add
> a sample plot to Orca's documents?
> Some of the legends may be too long for the generated plots and I want to
> see how the PNGs look before I finalize the code.
> Best,
> Blair

Well, I'm having a little trouble getting orca to do the new plots.

I'm obviously holding my mouth wrong ;-)

Here are the 2 approaches I've taken:

First method:

	modify the config file.
	kill orca
	restart orca

result:  after over 12 hours, no new files.

(In fact, the last new non-html file I've got is Oct 9 at 3pm,
and the latest html file I have appears to be just after midnight
last night)

Second method:

	modify config file
	kill orca
	move everything in the html directory tree to a backup place
	rename the orca.state file
	restart orca

And that seems to leave things still not fully re-built.

I'm probably just missing it in the docs, could you point me in
the right direction?  Thanks!


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