[Orca-dev] /usr/local/orca/bin/orca: warning: cannot fork for sendmail: No s uch file or directory

Erik Melander EMelander at wyndham.com
Mon Oct 15 06:38:37 PDT 2001

When reviewing my messages log on the machine that hosts the orca process, I
find the following
error message:
/usr/local/orca/bin/orca: warning: cannot fork for sendmail: No such file or
which correponds exactly to the number of defunct processes that I spawn
each day.  Did I misconfigure
orca?  Orca is running on a Redhat v7.1 box, perl v 5.6.0-12, with the
latest version of orca.  In addition,
the machine does not have sendmail, but rather uses postfix (which seems to
be the problem).  Any

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