[Orca-dev] FreeBSD version of procallator

Ian Holsman lists at holsman.net
Sun Jun 18 19:54:25 PDT 2006


I asked a while ago about running procallator on FreeBSD, and didn't  
really get anywhere (ie.. no code for me to run)
so I wrote something myself


to build

gcc -o ds ds.c -ldevstat

warnings ahead of time:

it writes XML.
it output's to a hard-coded directory
it isn't handling it's demonizing properly
the code has been 'lifted' from various FreeBSD system utilities, so  
it should generate the same numbers as those tools.

that being said.. it output's stats quite well, and doesn't seem to  
have any memory leaks after running for 4-5 days straight (that I can  

it's released under the BSD license, and i'm 100% ok with this going  
into the SVN repo.


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