[Orca-users] Re: Archives?

Blair Zajac bzajac at geostaff.com
Fri Jul 23 22:27:02 PDT 1999

Well, right now the list has only been around for several days,
so maybe the onelist.com system has not created a archive.

Anyway, there have only been 2 or three messages to the list,
so you have not missed much.  Continue to look at


for the archives to appear.


Shiva Shankar wrote:

> From: "Shiva Shankar" <shivshan at hotmail.com>
> hi
> i subscribed to this list recently.i had a few problems with getting orca to
> run.i guess i'm missing something basic.
> i found from the onelist website that there is no archive for this group
> yet.is here some way by which i can access the previous messages?
> thanks in advance.
> rgds
> shiva
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