[Orca-users] orca & filename length

Mike DuFresne xdufresn at raytheon.com
Wed Jul 28 02:34:12 PDT 1999

From: Mike DuFresne <xdufresn at raytheon.com>

I have been trying to get orca to play nice on four apparently identical
servers (OS wise). But I have been running into various _different_
problems with each installation. As I am relatively new to system
administration, and I am not a programmer, I am sure I'm missing
something somewhere.

Three of the servers are UE4500s running 2.5.1. The fourth is an Ultra1.
I have installed and patched SE 3.0 on all of the boxes. I have also
compiled and installed perl-5.005.03 for each box.

On one of the boxes, I was getting the error that 'find_files' from
orcallator.cfg was sans data. If I changed the cfg file to add the
server name, it seemed to find the files, but none of the data was
readable by Netscape.
ie: all broken gifs. Suprisingly enough, after diddling around for a
bit, I replaced the server name with the original (.*) and it started

Two of the UE4500s are getting 'cannot open mtime for <file>: filename
too long errors. I haven't been able to fix that.

For what its worth, I have had SE/Orca working flawlessly on an Ultra5
and an Ultra2 with 2.6.

I'd appreciate any assistence,

Best Regards

Mike DuFresne

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