[Orca-users] Re: orca & filename length

Blair Zajac bzajac at geostaff.com
Wed Jul 28 08:53:01 PDT 1999

Helo Mike,

Things may have gotten fixed after more data was collected by
orcallator.se.  It takes anywhere from 2.5 to 7.5 minutes for
it to deliver its first measurement to the data files.

I've never seen the 'cannot open mtime for <file>' message before.
How many characters long is the filename in question?  When you
run Orca with the -v option, where does it generate this message?


Mike DuFresne wrote:
> From: Mike DuFresne <xdufresn at raytheon.com>
> I have been trying to get orca to play nice on four apparently identical
> servers (OS wise). But I have been running into various _different_
> problems with each installation. As I am relatively new to system
> administration, and I am not a programmer, I am sure I'm missing
> something somewhere.
> Three of the servers are UE4500s running 2.5.1. The fourth is an Ultra1.
> I have installed and patched SE 3.0 on all of the boxes. I have also
> compiled and installed perl-5.005.03 for each box.
> On one of the boxes, I was getting the error that 'find_files' from
> orcallator.cfg was sans data. If I changed the cfg file to add the
> server name, it seemed to find the files, but none of the data was
> readable by Netscape.
> ie: all broken gifs. Suprisingly enough, after diddling around for a
> bit, I replaced the server name with the original (.*) and it started
> working.
> Two of the UE4500s are getting 'cannot open mtime for <file>: filename
> too long errors. I haven't been able to fix that.
> For what its worth, I have had SE/Orca working flawlessly on an Ultra5
> and an Ultra2 with 2.6.
> I'd appreciate any assistence,
> Best Regards
> Mike DuFresne
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