[Orca-users] Filename too long problems.

Blair Zajac bzajac at geostaff.com
Thu Jul 29 16:35:04 PDT 1999

For people with too long filename, do the following things.

1) Stop all orca's.
2) Replace the strip_key_name subroutine in orca with the
   following one:
sub strip_key_name {
  my $name = shift;

  $name =~ s/:/_/g;
  $name =~ s:/:_per_:g;
  $name =~ s:\s+:_:g;
  $name =~ s:%:_pct_:g;
  $name =~ s:#:_num_:g;
  $name =~ s:\*:_X_:g;

  # Trim anything containing orcallator, orca.
  $name =~ s:orcallator:o:g;
  $name =~ s:orca:o:g;

  # Remove trailing _'s.
  $name =~ s:_+$::;
  $name =~ s:_+,:,:g;

  $name =~ s:_{2,}:_:g;


3) Run the attached Perl script listing your HTML and RRD directories.
   This will rename the files.  If you don't do this step, you'll take
   a lot of time to reload data and leave some useless old files around
   on our system.  The attached script can be run with the -n flag first
   to see what it will do/

Let me know how this works.  After applying the patch and running the
attached script, you should run orca again and no new RRD files should
be generated.  If new files do get generated, let me know the generated
names and the similarly but differently named file in the RRD or HTML
directory that Orca is regenerating.

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