[Orca-users] Re: Keynote...

Blair Zajac blair at akamai.com
Mon Nov 15 14:26:16 PST 1999

Actually, this work never got done.  I was downloading Keynote daily
data via FTP, but never set up Orca to process it.

If you do the work, please email it to me so I can include it in Orca
and everybody will be able to use your work.


Sascha Linn wrote:
> From: Sascha Linn <sascha at checkout.com>
> I noticed in the Orca distribution a little config that references
> Keynote data and MRTG. I'm assuming you're using orca to somehow
> generate comparative graphs of keynote performance?
> If this is the case would you be willing to explain what you're doing
> and how? I'd definitely be intereted in doing something similar.
> thanx,
> sascha =)
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