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Blair Zajac blair at akamai.com
Wed Nov 17 08:28:32 PST 1999


The Orca Perl script runs on any OS, but currently the only data
gathering tool runs on Solaris.

Here are some ideas from my TODO file:

* OS independent data gathering tools:

        Many people have been asking for Orca for operating systems
        than Solaris, since orcallator.se only runs on Solaris hosts.

        I've given this a little thought and one good solution to this
        use other publicly available tools that gather host information.

        The one that came to mind is top
        Looking at the configure script for top, it runs on the

            386bsd     For a 386BSD system
            aix32      POWER and POWER2 running AIX
            aix41      PowerPC running AIX
            aux3       a Mac running A/UX version 3.x
            bsd386     For a BSD/386 system
            bsd43      any generic 4.3BSD system
            bsd44      For a 4.4BSD system
            bsd44a     For a pre-release 4.4BSD system
            bsdos2     For a BSD/OS 2.X system (based on the 4.4BSD Lite
            convex     any C2XX running Convex OS 11.X.
            dcosx      For Pyramid DC/OSX
            decosf1    DEC Alpha AXP running OSF/1 or Digital Unix 4.0.
            dgux       for DG AViiON with DG/UX 5.4+
            dynix      any Sequent Running Dynix 3.0.x
            dynix32    any Sequent Running Dynix 3.2.x
            freebsd20  For a FreeBSD-2.0 (4.4BSD) system
            ftx        For FTX based System V Release 4
            hpux10     any hp9000 running hpux version 10.x
            hpux7      any hp9000 running hpux version 7 or earlier
            hpux8      any hp9000 running hpux version 8 (may work with
            hpux9      any hp9000 running hpux version 9
            irix5      any uniprocessor, 32 bit SGI machine running IRIX
            irix62     any uniprocessor, SGI machine running IRIX 6.2
            linux      Linux 1.2.x, 1.3.x, using the /proc filesystem
            mtxinu     any VAX Running Mt. Xinu MORE/bsd
            ncr3000    For NCR 3000 series systems Release 2.00.02 and
above -
            netbsd08   For a NetBSD system
            netbsd10   For a NetBSD-1.0 (4.4BSD) system
            netbsd132  For a NetBSD-1.3.2 (4.4BSD) system
            next32     any m68k or intel NEXTSTEP v3.x system
            next40     any hppa or sparc NEXTSTEP v3.3 system
            osmp41a    any Solbourne running OS/MP 4.1A
            sco        SCO UNIX
            sco5       SCO UNIX OpenServer5
            sunos4     any Sun running SunOS version 4.x
            sunos4mp   any multi-processor Sun running SunOS versions
4.1.2 or later
            sunos5     Any Sun running SunOS 5.x (Solaris 2.x)
            svr4       Intel based System V Release 4
            svr42      For Intel based System V Release 4.2 (DESTINY)
            ultrix4    any DEC running ULTRIX V4.2 or later
            umax       Encore Multimax running any release of UMAX 4.3
            utek       Tektronix 43xx running UTek 4.1

        If somebody were to write a tie into top's source code that
        generate output every X minutes to a text file or even RRD
        then Orca could put it together into a nice package.

        In line with this di
        (ftp://ftp.pz.pirmasens.de/pub/unix/utilities/), a freely
        available disk usage program that could be used to generate disk

        usage plots loaded by Orca.


Alexander Waller wrote:

> Hi !
> I found your your tool by accident and I loved it immediaely.
> Does it run on linux ??
> Alex.
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