[Orca-users] How to set optimal interval?

bjohnson at mail.photonet.com bjohnson at mail.photonet.com
Wed Nov 17 08:55:22 PST 1999

From: bjohnson at mail.photonet.com

I inherited Orca 0.23 from a guy who left the company, and there's some
unhappiness here with the timeliness of Orca's plots.  The basic problem
is that the data is coming in hourly, but sometimes several hours can elapse
between updates to a given gif file.  One that I watched over the last night
was updated faithfully every hour or hour and five minutes up until midnight,
and then it was not updated again until around 6:00 a.m.  The data source file
was updated every hour without a problem.

The settings in the config file which I assume to be relevant are:
interval	300
late_interval	interval + 30
find_times	0:10 1:00 6:00 12:00 19:00

My intuition tells me that if the data files are not being updated more than
once per hour, it's a needless waste of Orca's time to have the interval set
to 5 minutes, particularly when over 1,000 GIF files are being maintained by

Does changing the interval settings to:
interval	3600
late_interval	interval * 1.25

seem reasonable?  Or am I just going to make my problem worse?

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