[Orca-users] Re: services stats gatherer

Paul Haldane Paul.Haldane at newcastle.ac.uk
Mon Aug 21 09:10:47 PDT 2000

> 	I've been writing a perl script to gather values from
> services logs to plot graphs in Orca from them. Right now it
> understands sendmail logs for versions 8.9.x and 8.10.x (and maybe
> others) and Merit Radius logfiles (auth and acct). Next step is to do
> it also for POP and Bind (and maybe also Apache).
> 	(this is more or less a ripoff from orcallator.se and the WWW code).
> 	Is there any interest in this like people wanting to use/test/debug
> it, or even better, helping me writing it ??? If so, please contact
> me.

Yup - that sounds like a useful thing to do.  At the moment I'm graphing
pop/imap/sendmail stuff using mrtg using lots of hacky little perl scripts
but doing this in the orca gatherer seems like a better way.

Paul Haldane
Unix Systems, Computing Service
University of Newcastle

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