[Orca-users] Re: services stats gatherer

Canau canau at ionia.EUnet.pt
Wed Aug 30 16:25:01 PDT 2000

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> > 
> > 	Is there any interest in this like people wanting to
> > it, or even better, helping me writing it ??? If so, please
> > me.
> Yup - that sounds like a useful thing to do.  At the moment I'm
> pop/imap/sendmail stuff using mrtg using lots of hacky little perl
> but doing this in the orca gatherer seems like a better way.

	Good, then please have a look at:
	and tell me what you think. It now has (my vision of):

	sendmail 8.9.x (and possibly other versions)
	Merit Radius
	I think that the code can be easily changed to process most logfiles.

	Note that the package is not yet well integrated with the Makefiles
from orca-0.26 and some scripts might need to be edited by hand. As
usual use it at your own risk :-).

	Any problem just email me: canau_ionia_EUnet_pt

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