[Orca-users] Web Stats for multiple web servers on single host

Rick Tessner rick at dingle.myra.com
Tue Mar 7 11:37:21 PST 2000

From: Rick Tessner <rick at dingle.myra.com>

Hello All!

I have a host with about a half-dozen Netscape Enterprise Web Servers
running.  Each of these has their own NCSA-style logfile.

Anyone out there have any bright ideas on how to have the orcallator.se
monitor all of these?  Right now, it appears that only a single logfile can be

Is the best solution to run multiple orcallator.se's?  Or, just bang together
a perl script to merge all of these various logfiles?  Or neither?

BTW, Thanks Blair for a fabulous tool!

Rick Tessner	rick at myra.com
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