[Orca-users] Re: Web Stats for multiple web servers on single host

Blair Zajac blair at akamai.com
Tue Mar 7 11:44:19 PST 2000

Are you saying that all these servers are running on the same physical
box?  If that's the case, you could probably run multiple orcallator.se's
but have them set up like this:

1) Have one watch all the system parameters except for the web server
properties.  Make sure WATCH_WEB is not defined for this one.
2) Have another orcallator.se process that only has WATCH_WEB
defined for each log file.  Make sure these don't watch the OS.

This set up should limit the impact of orcallator.se on the system.  The
only question is how to integrate all of this nicely into Orca.  Let me
know how that goes.


Rick Tessner wrote:

> From: Rick Tessner <rick at dingle.myra.com>
> Hello All!
> I have a host with about a half-dozen Netscape Enterprise Web Servers
> running.  Each of these has their own NCSA-style logfile.
> Anyone out there have any bright ideas on how to have the orcallator.se
> monitor all of these?  Right now, it appears that only a single logfile can be
> examined.
> Is the best solution to run multiple orcallator.se's?  Or, just bang together
> a perl script to merge all of these various logfiles?  Or neither?
> BTW, Thanks Blair for a fabulous tool!
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