[Orca-users] Question on non-daily graphs

Charles Dennett charles.dennett at kodak.com
Wed Mar 8 11:47:33 PST 2000

From: Charles Dennett <charles.dennett at kodak.com>

This may be a dumb question.  Given the default values with
the orcallator collecting data every 5 minutes and the weekly
graph being updated every 30 minutes, the monthly graph being
updated every 2 hours, etc, what values are being plotted?
Is it the average of all the values collected since the previous 
update?  Is it jsut the most recently collected data point?
Something else?  The reason I'm asking is that when eyeballing
something like the cpu usage graphs for a machine, the
daily graphs seem to run higher than the weekly ones by a
small amount.  


Charlie Dennett
Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, NY
Sitemaster http://www.kodak.com

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