[Orca-users] Re: Question on non-daily graphs

Blair Zajac blair at akamai.com
Wed Mar 8 12:02:57 PST 2000

The long answer is to read the RRDtool manual pages that go into
this in quite detail.

The short answer is that time is divided into X second chunks,
where X is defined by the RRDtool user.  X here is 300 seconds
for the daily plot, 30 minutes for the weekly plot, 2 hours for
the monthly plot, and 1 day for the quartly and yearly plots.
The intervals are split where time % X == 0.  Over the interval
the average of the data is plotted.


Charles Dennett wrote:
> From: Charles Dennett <charles.dennett at kodak.com>
> This may be a dumb question.  Given the default values with
> the orcallator collecting data every 5 minutes and the weekly
> graph being updated every 30 minutes, the monthly graph being
> updated every 2 hours, etc, what values are being plotted?
> Is it the average of all the values collected since the previous
> update?  Is it jsut the most recently collected data point?
> Something else?  The reason I'm asking is that when eyeballing
> something like the cpu usage graphs for a machine, the
> daily graphs seem to run higher than the weekly ones by a
> small amount.
> Thanks!
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