[Orca-users] config for multiple hosts

mgx at ornl.gov mgx at ornl.gov
Sun Mar 12 08:23:57 PST 2000

From: mgx at ornl.gov

good day all ...

i'm working on building a configuration for multiple solaris hosts.
we nfs mount /usr/local/*
on all our hosts from netapp box's. my plan is to nfs mount to each
of the hosts:
where {hostname} is the name of the localhost, and
{rrd,html,orcallator} are the data directorys
for each host. of course, /usr/local/bin is shared among hosts as
well. as near as i can tell, the
only two files that are host dependent are orcallator.cfg and
start_orcallator. is this the case?

-- michael

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