[Orca-users] Re: config for multiple hosts

Blair Zajac blair at akamai.com
Sun Mar 12 10:15:25 PST 2000

It sounds like you have the Orca perl script running on each host
generating the HTML files.  The problem with this is that you
don't get the plots where the same type of data is plotted for
each host in the same HTML page:


The preferred way of doing this is having each host mount a public
/usr/local/orcahome/{hostname}/orcallator directory and then
have a single host read this directory.  That single host then has
a locally mounted /export/home/orca/rrd directory that contains
the rrd file for all the hosts.  It should then create a single HTML

The only reason to split hosts up is if there are too many of them
and Orca takes too long to run.


mgx at ornl.gov wrote:

> From: mgx at ornl.gov
> good day all ...
> i'm working on building a configuration for multiple solaris hosts.
> we nfs mount /usr/local/*
> on all our hosts from netapp box's. my plan is to nfs mount to each
> of the hosts:
> /usr/local/orcahome/{hostname}/{rrd,html,orcallator}
> where {hostname} is the name of the localhost, and
> {rrd,html,orcallator} are the data directorys
> for each host. of course, /usr/local/bin is shared among hosts as
> well. as near as i can tell, the
> only two files that are host dependent are orcallator.cfg and
> start_orcallator. is this the case?
> -- michael
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