[Orca-users] New NFS data not working

Charles Dennett charles.dennett at kodak.com
Mon Mar 13 05:38:56 PST 2000

From: Charles Dennett <charles.dennett at kodak.com>

I grabbed the news 0.26 orca over the weekend and installed it.
I had installed 1.23 of orcallator.se several days ago.  The graphs
have zeros for all the nfs stuff.  I looked in the datafiles created
by orcallator.  The only nfs related piece that is not zero is labeled
"nfs_call/s".  The others (nfs_timeo/sec, nfs_badx, nfss_calls,
v2reads, v2writes, v3reads, and v3writes) are all either 0 or 0.0.  
This is on systems running Solartis 2.6.  And yes, the systems I'm
looking at are nfs servers.  The new graphs are being generated. 
It's the data that is all zeros.

Also, for the one nfs datum that is not zero, no graph is produced.
I think I know why.  In the datafile, it is labeled nfs_call/s
but in the orcallator.cfg file it is called nfs_calls.

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