[Orca-users] Re: New NFS data not working

Paul Haldane Paul.Haldane at newcastle.ac.uk
Mon Mar 13 07:28:18 PST 2000

From: Paul Haldane <Paul.Haldane at newcastle.ac.uk>

> I grabbed the news 0.26 orca over the weekend and installed it.
> I had installed 1.23 of orcallator.se several days ago.  The graphs
> have zeros for all the nfs stuff.  I looked in the datafiles created
> by orcallator.  The only nfs related piece that is not zero is labeled
> "nfs_call/s". 

nfs_call/s counts client NFS activity - the others count server NFS.

> The others (nfs_timeo/sec, nfs_badx, nfss_calls,
> nfss_bad,
> v2reads, v2writes, v3reads, and v3writes) are all either 0 or 0.0.  
> This is on systems running Solartis 2.6.  And yes, the systems I'm
> looking at are nfs servers.  The new graphs are being generated. 
> It's the data that is all zeros.

All of the v2* v3* columns in the percol-* data files are empty?

I'm not sure I've tried this on a 2.6 system (and I don't think I have any
2.6 systems left to try on).  I'll have a poke around.


Paul Haldane
Computing Service
University of Newcastle

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