[Orca-users] Compilation successes, failures and questions

Dan Wentzel danw at bas.army.mil
Sun Mar 19 07:46:03 PST 2000

From: Dan Wentzel <danw at bas.army.mil>

Hello all,

	I've just compiled orca w/ the orcallator.  One problem that I had was that one
of the sub-modules in the 'make modules' step had a GNUMakefile.  My sysadmin entered
"make MAKE=gmake modules" and everything compiled fine.  However, I asked him
about the 'optimization' of the compilation and he said that the -O2 option was more
highly optimized than -O...  But the Orca documentation specifically states to use
CFLAGS= -O for a more optimized version....  Should I use this compiled orca, or should
I recompile with the CFLAGS= -O ??  I'm not good at this compiling stuff....

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