[Orca-users] Re: most orcallator-like tool for non-solaris system?

Blair Zajac blair at akamai.com
Sun Mar 19 10:36:43 PST 2000

There is no tool right now, but I have an idea of making an orcallator
like wrapping around libgtop, which is a platform independent top
like tool.  The two should fit together nicely.

Archives and location of libgtop can be found at


I have less and less time to spend on Orca, so somebody else
would have to do this work.  The libgtop people may be interested
in this too.


mgx at ornl.gov wrote:

> From: mgx at ornl.gov
> good day all ...
> now that i've got orca running nicely on my solaris servers, i'd like
> to get something similar running on my non-solaris (mostly linux and
> TRU64 unix) systems. is there a tool or set of tools that will give me
> oracallator-like information? thanks!
> -- michael
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