[Orca-users] Re: Question: Different data transfer mechanism ??

Peter Radcliffe pir at pir.net
Tue Mar 28 05:27:42 PST 2000

From: Peter Radcliffe <pir at pir.net>

John Mastin <john.mastin at bms.com> probably said:
> Of course Blair's idea of having an independent cronjob run that
> transfers the files on the condition that the receiving end is up and
> alive.

I've been looking for some copious free time to transfer data from the
monitored boxes to the orca/webserver box with rsync over ssh (which
should keep the timestamps in sync), run out of cron as Blair

I also want to cut down the frequency of orca runs to reduce the load
on the machine a little (although the most recent version of orca has
helped with that somewhat).

Should work quite well, I just need to find the time ...


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