[Orca-users] Re: Question: Different data transfer mechanism ??

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From: "Sean O'Neill" <sean.oneill at appnet.com>

I was thinking about this last night on the way home from work.

One possible way to handle this might be to modify the SE script that to
execute something like Rsync.  Assuming Rsync works correctly, the only data
that should be transmitted during the Rsync push would be the data the just
got written to the file.

If I find time, I'm going to try to play with this idea.

BTW, does anyone know if SE can execute "outside" programs ... like rsync in
this case ?

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> Does anyone have a different data transfer mechanism for Orca
> besides NFS ?
We have been toying with the very same idea of eliminating NFS
dependencies.  On some of our machines, we want to run practically stand
alone.  One idea is to put a mini webserver on each machine.  I've heard
good things about boa (www.boa.org) and
it might be what we're looking for.

Of course Blair's idea of having an independent cronjob run that
transfers the files on the condition that the receiving end is up and


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