[Orca-users] Orca graphs not updating, randomly

modea at upoc-inc.com modea at upoc-inc.com
Wed Aug 1 11:24:31 PDT 2001

hi all
I inherited a large Orca based monitoring set up =96 things have been
pretty smooth, however certain graphs seem to never update, I have
read thru the documentation, removed the .png, rrd and meta files (as
I read on the group postings) to no avail. A few of the graphs have
been dead for over a month, Orcallator is logging the info, new files
are being written, however they are not being processed correctly.
It's a Solaris platform, with all the servers writing to NFS mounts,
which are in turn being read by orca =96 I have ruled out NFS issues.
Any suggestions on how I can start the logging from scratch would be


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