[Orca-users] Re: Orca problems across NFS

Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Fri Aug 17 11:00:10 PDT 2001

You really need to keep the RRD files on a local filesystem.  There
are so many IO operations on this file, the only really fast way to
run it is locally.

You can keep all of the HTML and orcallator.se output files on remote
hosts, in fact this is what I did quite happily, but the RRD files
won't work that well there.

What kind of NFS server do you have?

If you do a truss on orca, you'll see a ton of IO.


pandanus at lineone.net wrote:
> I have been happily using Orca on my local server for months.
> I have now altered the configuration slightly so that all generated
> RRD files and html files will be stored on an NFS share.  It still
> works but instead of taking under a minute to generate all of my
> reports, it takes almost an hour. At first I thought the process had
> hung.
> Does anyone know if orca has problems when the output goes to an NFS
> share. My NFS link is over a 1GB link so speed is not an issue.
> I ran a 'ps -ef | grep orca' over a period of 40 minutes and saw the
> following output:
> 10 perl -w /usr/local/bin/orca -v /usr/local/lib/orcallator.cfg
> 20 RICHP.se orcallator.se
> 30 gunzip -c /home/iscdev/orca/orca_data/util01/percol.<date1>.gz
> 40 gunzip -c /home/iscdev/orca/orca_data/util01/percol.<date2>.gz
> 50 gunzip -c /home/iscdev/orca/orca_data/util01/percol.<date3>.gz
> 60 gunzip -c /home/iscdev/orca/orca_data/util01/percol.<date4>.gz
> 70 gunzip -c /home/iscdev/orca/orca_data/util01/percol.<date5>.gz
> 80 gunzip -c /home/iscdev/orca/orca_data/util01/percol.<date6>.gz
> ..
> ..
> I did a truss on the gunzip processes to find out why they were
> hanging and the output I got was:
> 80:  write(1, "  t i m e s t a m p   l".., 32768) (sleeping)
> These processes eventually woke up after about 40 minutes and then
> the html output was generated.
> Any ideas?

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