[Orca-users] Re: multiple webserver instances

Blair Zajac blair at akamai.com
Tue Feb 6 16:20:31 PST 2001

No, orcallator.se can only monitor one web access log at a time and
WEB_LOG is a single path to a file, not a regex.

While this isn't pretty, what you can do is run multiple orcallator's
to different output files.  Run one that monitor's everything using

    env WEB_LOB=log1 se -DWATCH_OS -DWATCH_WEB
    env WEB_LOG=log2 se -WATCH_WEB
    env WEB_LOG=log3 se -WATCH_WEB

This way you get the whole OS and each of the different access logs
with the minimum CPU impact.

If you want to patch orcallator.se to monitor multiple access logs,
I'll gladly take them :)


John Mastin wrote:
> I have a couple of boxes running multiple instances of Netscape
> Enterprise Server.  I would like to monitor all of the instances.  Can I
> set ${WEBLOG} with regex's (in start_orcallator) to find them all?
> TIA,
> Johnny
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