[Orca-users] monitoring scripts

a101i08 at dvg.de a101i08 at dvg.de
Fri Feb 9 03:25:27 PST 2001

Dear Blair,
I mean scripts wrote for another utilites such you. For example:

http://cricket.sourceforge.net</= a>
http://www.caida.org/Tools/C= flowd/
http://www.sins.com.au/sins/n= mis/
http://teak.wiscnet.n= et/nrg/NoSuchSD.html
http://silverlo= ck.dgim.crc.ca/remstats/release/
http://net.doit.wis= c.edu/~plonka/RRGrapher/

May be you can say us how we can impliment monitoring scripts from another<= BR> software in your?

Mit freundlichen Gr=FC=DFen

Alexei Voronine
dvg Hannover
OE352 UNIX Server Control Center (USCC)
e-Mail   Alexei.Voronine at dvg.de
Tel:       0511-5102-3703

>Hi Alexi,

>Orca is designed to read text data from arbitrary formatted text files,=
>store them in RRD files and then use RRD to generate the plots.  S= o
>Orca and RRDtool are pretty closely related.

>Which monitoring scripts are you referring to?


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