[Orca-users] Re: "Everything" , condition setting, alarm (mail) , archive

Blair Zajac blair at akamai.com
Sat Feb 10 12:33:28 PST 2001

Do you have a public web page to show the issues with Everything and
the blank name groups?

Currently Orca does not handle general conditions.  With the one
below, you can set the data_min value for the plot to 0 and it
will ignore any data less than 0.  There is also a data_max value
that can be used.

Orca doesn't plot reference lines at 0 and there is no way to change
the color of lines greater than or less than 0.

There was a small crontab script sent to the mailing list that makes
a copy of the output html directory every day after midnight for
archive purposes.  This should be very simple to write yourself.

That said, if you work on any of these additions to Orca, I'll
glady take the enhancements.


> Mbh wrote:
> - Before, I have only one group and Orca generate the
> name"Everything" , now I have 2 groups but Orca generate two blank
> name group. How correct this ?
> - If you see the RRDTUTORIAL you can see that you can create some
> graph with
>   CDEF:speed=kmh,100,GT,0,kmh,IF
>   " check if kmh is greater than 100, If so, return 0, else kmh "
>   so you are able to plot with condition setting.
>   Is it possible to give this plot condition with Orca ?
> - Is it possible to plot a reference line (horizontal) on zero ?
> - Is it possible to change dynamically the line color , for exemple if
> the line is below zero or on top zero ?
> - Is it possible to generate a alarm (mail) if a value come under
> a reference value ?
> - Do you have a patch in order to archive all graphs and so consult
> the graph for a specific day ?
> Thanks for your help.
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