[Orca-users] Re: installing orcallator without orca?

Blair Zajac blair at akamai.com
Fri Feb 23 20:34:45 PST 2001


Currently there's no method of doing this on Orca, but I'll add it
to Orca's todo list.

Some people have worked on packages to make orcallator.se installation
easier, but none of that has been integrated into the standard Orca

I don't think this will be that hard to do.  I'll probably make
orcallator.se as a separate package to install via configure and
then include that package in the Orca package, much like RRDtool is
included with Orca.

What would you (and everybody on this mailing list) prefer: a
configure or pkgadd install for orcallator?  I'd prefer a configure
one because I know it, but what would be easier for people to


foo wrote:
> It's been months since I've gotten to look at orca, and now I'm kind of
> wondering how I made everything work before. My first question is:
> Is there any convenient way to install orcallator without installing orca?
> Most of my machines dont need orca, but they all need orcallator. Since
> orca requires all number of perl packages and things it seems silly to
> install the whole bunch.
> Is there a make option I'm missing that does this, or am I just being lazy
> in that I dont feel like copying the files around by hand?
> -Brian
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