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Blair Zajac blair at akamai.com
Fri Feb 23 20:42:31 PST 2001


I just looked for your patch to run Orca as a daemon or in the
background and couldn't find it.  Could you send it again and I'll
add it to the next release.

I recall that processes that but themselves in the background or in
a daemon mode shouldn't print to stdout and stderr and I believe that
Orca will need to be patched to make sure that it doesn't print any


"Johnson, Bruce" wrote:
> It sounds as though Orca 2.95.2 still doesn't run as a daemon.  I submitted
> a patch something like six months ago which caused Orca to fork a child
> process and run a daemon, but it apparently didn't make the cut because this
> is a Unix thing and some benighted people prefer NT.
> Try sticking an ampersand at the end of the command line in your startup
> script and pipe stderr and stdout to a logfile.  (And set up a cron job to
> cat /dev/null > said-logfile.)  Be advised that I think the process will
> still go away when the user on the parent terminal logs off.  (I always have
> to play with it to remember.)
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> Date: Wed, 04 Oct 2000 21:22:18 -0000
> From: "The Spikeman" <spike.burkhardt at ros.com>
> Subject: Initial install /configure question
> Hi all,
>   I have just finished configuring ORCA I think.  I have ORCA 2.95.2
> running on Solaris 2.6.  I got all the way through  the steps as
> listed in the INSTALL file.  On the last step it says to run orca.  I
> am using orcallator.se so I did that.
>   I guess I'm not sure of the this step is doing.  I specified to
> start orcallator run at bootup.  The ./bin/orca -v lib/orcallator.cfg
> just appears to be running and doesn't free up the window.  Is this
> supposed to happen?  Did I configure it incorrectly?
> Thanks!
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