[Orca-users] Re: Orca not pick up new logs (was Re: plot ambien t and cpu temperature on E450)

Adam Levin alevin at audible.com
Wed Feb 28 09:32:28 PST 2001

On Wed, 28 Feb 2001, Blair Zajac wrote:
> Which version of Orca are you using?

.25.  I've been putting off upgrading to .26 because things have been
working, for the most part.

> Can you check the results of limit or ulimit as root anyway, maybe
> add a line to the beginning of Orca:
> system("ulimit -a");

It runs in this environment:
core file size (blocks)     unlimited
data seg size (kbytes)      2097148
file size (blocks)          unlimited
open files                  1024
pipe size (512 bytes)       10
stack size (kbytes)         8192
cpu time (seconds)          unlimited
max user processes          16389
virtual memory (kbytes)     unlimited

It doesn't bother me -- I'm happy running orca continuously.  I was just
curious if it'd be better to run it with the -o, but if it's actually more
efficient to let it keep running, I have no problem doing that.  The
machine's reason for being is to munge logs anyway.


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