[Orca-users] RE: Orca shut down?

John Mastin john.mastin at bms.com
Mon May 7 05:00:26 PDT 2001

Trevor Reynolds writes:
> I looked at the files
> in  /usr/local/var/orca/rrd/orcallator/discovery and they had not
> been updated since 23:55.


Take a look at ${COMPRESSOR} as defined in ${bindir}/start_orcallator.
Make sure it is pointing to a valid compression utility (pathnames and
such).  If memory serves me correct, around midnight each night,
orcallator.se tries to open a new log file and compress the old one.  I
could see where if ${COMPRESSOR} was messed up, it might not rollover
properly.  If it was hanging on the rollover, maybe it wouldn't open a
new logfile, hence no new additional data.


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