[Orca-users] Re: trying to create my own orcallator...

Blair Zajac blair at gps.caltech.edu
Tue May 22 11:49:49 PDT 2001


The uptime field is not required.  Put in as much or as little
information as possible.

Have you completed an orcallator for Linux?  Could you send it to
the orca-users mailing list, I know I and other people would find it


Steve Gilbert wrote:
> > The timestamp is generated with a simple time() call and printing the
> > decimal result.  This works in both Perl and C.  I think there's also a way
> > to get it with the date command from a shell script, but I leave it to you
> > to consult the man pages.
> All this is being done in Perl, so I'm cool there.
> > "DNnsrkcmdit" is Welsh for "the colors of your status lights".  Okay, maybe
> > not Welsh, but I think it's output from an orcallator.se routine that
> > monitors a variety of vital functions and prints a cryptic snapshot that
> > indicates whether they are above or below certain thresholds.  It's not an
> > essential field unless you're trying to graph or display this status
> > somewhere.  I think it's used by Big Brother.  In any case, my installation
> > of Orca worked fine without this field.
> Excellent...I will just leave it out.  I want to keep this as "minimal"
> as possible.  Any idea if that uptime field is needed?  It's easy enough
> to generate, but if I don't need it, I'd like to leave it out and save
> a few cycles.  Thanks a LOT for you help!
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