[Orca-users] Re: no stats for ge0

karl.rossing at federated.ca karl.rossing at federated.ca
Tue May 22 15:40:57 PDT 2001

I'm running orca0.27b1 with setoolkit 3.2 and i'm still not getting any
ge0 stats.

Could it be that the setoolkit is not logging my gigabit info?

Karl Rossing
05/07/2001 10:55 AM

        To:     orca-users at yahoogroups.com
        Subject:        no stats for ge0


I don't seem to be getting any stats for ge0 or hme0. The graphs come up

I'm using setoolkit 3.2. I understand from looking through the archives
that  se 3.1 needed 2 small "patches" to get it to log ge0 stats. I'm
guessing that version 3.2 does not need the patch.

Everything else seems to work fine.


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