[Orca-users] Re: Network interfaces again

John Mastin john.mastin at bms.com
Thu May 24 05:29:42 PDT 2001


Add the option of -DMAX_IF=11 to the line in start_orcallator.  This
will bump up the number of max interfaces.

$SE $LE_PATCH -DWATCH_OS $WATCH_WEB $libdir/orcallator.se &

$SE $LE_PATCH -DMAX_IF=11 -DWATCH_OS $WATCH_WEB $libdir/orcallator.se &

Best regards,

Adam writes:
> Long ago, when I first installed Orca, I had to get it working with the
> machines that had gigabit fibre interfaces.
> Now, I've finally upgraded to Orca .27b1, with the latest orcallator.se
> (1.28 I think).
> I'm getting the same error I used to get:
> Fatal: subscript: 2 out of range for: GLOBAL_net[2]: Near line 178
> Some machines have 1 instead of 2, but they're all failing, and I can't
> remember what I did to fix it way back when.
> Any ideas?

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