[Orca-users] orcallator failure

Mike Barrow Mike.Barrow at spain.sun.com
Wed May 30 04:39:30 PDT 2001

I have installed orcallator on 15 different servers.  All work properly except
for one.

On this particular system, I have noticed that /opt/RICHPse/examples/disks.se
report the following error:

couldn´t  map disk instances
couldn´t obtain disk partition usage

This server (E6500) is running Solaris 8 with SE_toolkit 3.2.
Two A5200 storage arrays are connected to this server

This system is a member of a cluster.  The other cluster member
has the same configuration, yet disks.se does not report this error
and orcallator.se executes properly.

Any suggestions?
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