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Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Fri Apr 5 08:57:32 PST 2002

mbanker1966 wrote:
> Orca rules!


> A few questions...
> 1) How about daily charts for a particular day, not just the last
> day?  Should be doable, right? The data is there, so I guess I would
> have to make some changes to orca itself to accomplish this.

One problem with RRD files is that as data gets older, it gets
consolidated into larger timespans.  From lib/Orca/Constants.pm:

# The first RRA is every 5 minutes for 200 hours, the second is every
# 30 minutes for 31 days, the third is every 2 hours for 100 days, and
# the last is every day for 3 years.

So for data older than 31 days, the data is stored in 2 hour bins.

What you want to do is create a cron job that copies your output HTML
directory into a date specific directory and let people surf those.

> 2) Overlaying charts... say I wanted to see cpu utilization for 3
> different machines on the same chart?  I know it doesn't do this now,
> but just wanted your thoughts on it.

As Adam said, you can see a page with all the CPU plots on the same page.
If you want them all on the same plot, then you'll have to edit
orcallator.cfg to do this.

> 3) I saw a System Overview chart in the orcallator docs section on
> your web site.  Very nice... how can I implement that?

This is in the latest versions of orcallator.se and orcallator.cfg.


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